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Friday, September 07, 2007
Rage Hardcores
I'm pretty sure Raine and Christine have been visiting me at the store since almost the beginning.....these guys should have their own reality/sitcom program or something. They're currently engaged in post-secondary schooling. I love following their personal development, projects etc. I ran into them during Pride on Church St., dancing in the middle of the street. Christine, I'll never forget your Pride pants..........So my friend Shiro sells clothing online in Japan and wants to try some Canadian made goodies. Camille shot everything at her apartment, but we're amateurs and missed a bunch of important stuff (like shooting the back of the garment as well), so we had to do it again. The 2nd time we set up in the store; it worked much better using the full body mannequin vs. the half body (who'd have thought eh?). Camille is a light, no matter where or when.
There are a couple magazines that are after Ndeur shoes for photo shoots taking place over the next couple weeks. We've only been doing the shoe thing for 3 months, so it's definitely a 'baptism by fire' situation. I'm telling BUST magazine we need a deposit before shipping anything, shouldn't we be throwing shit at them for nothing? I'm not so sure. If we were bigger, then maybe we could afford losing shoes/getting wrecked merchandise returned. I know this little store certainly cannot. Mathieu is already putting way more hours into painting/picking shoes then he's getting compensated for. The demand for the shoes keeps growing, so people are gonna have to step up if they want a piece. Mathieu's artwork is worth it.
In Kensington Market news, the BIA is under fire for trying to take over the neighborhood (um, the BIA doesn't even exist yet guys). We had a property owners' meeting last week, had a guy from the city do a presentation, Councillor Vaughan spoke in support, the chair of the Harbord BIA gave a little BIA insight as well. The owners present were supportive, save for 1. This individual showed up with an anti-BIA petition and was ready to fight. By the end of the meeting they said they felt silly showing up with the petition; they didn't understand what a BIA was really about.
The neighborhood is not reading the information handouts. Instead they are formulating and spreading reactionary rumour and gossip. Everyone knows I'm leading this thing, but noone is coming to talk to me, ask questions, etc. But I have a plan.

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