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Saturday, July 07, 2007
The Busy City.............
It's Saturday. I've learned that Saturdays, the retail 'holy' day, rarely lives up to the expectation. Kind of like anything else.
Today it's been really quiet. The grand prix whatever is on, the Outdoor Arts Show at Nathan Phillips Square, the Fringe Festival, Harbourfront stuff etc. Sure, summer is great b/c people are out more, but there's WAAAAY more competition for $$ this time of year. It's ok, just another hour or so, then I can close, run over to the liquor store, then finish up RageToronto Vol. 2 (yay!). Tonight Collective 7 is having a big party with bands and art, Reno has an installation up, it'll be great!

So I'll be returning to the old belt making job at Suzi Roher (hopefully she'll take me back AGAIN) in September. I don't mind. I get really bored sitting in the store all the time, I'm looking forward to the change. I always learn lots at Suzi's, and there's lots of thinking time when you're working with your hands. It's easier to concoct projects when I'm outside of the Rage walls.

I'm in a good mindset.....wanted to give it all up in June, when sales stopped growing. First time there hasn't been an improvement from previous years. Thankfully I have the world's greatest support system of family, friends and terrific customers. I have to keep in mind that streetcar construction is a factor, that the whole street has been slow, not just this store. And that sure, we're 2 yrs. old, but typically it takes 3-5 yrs. before you start turning a profit. This is why this game is so tricky. You have to be able to deal and get through times when sales are surprisingly slow. Everything is variable. It's not that the store sucks. It's just not a good summer for the area.

Mathieu has shoes at the OMY Gallery (near the Drake). They're having a party for his stuff next Friday. They gave him a canvas and want him to have a painting ready for the party. I'm so pleased for him!!
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