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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Ndeur does it again..........
So I just found out, thanks to Mathieu and Camille's talents with photography/modelling, the Etsy store is going to be a part of an ad for Etsy in Craft Magazine. Lovely bit of news on a quiet, rainy afternoon.........

Gosh, what's new? Just submitted my first application for a city grant. Would like to get murals up on a couple walls on Augusta (to cover gross tagging). We'll see. Tomorrow the safety task force is meeting, and has invited members from other neighborhood groups. Hopefully it's the first step towards getting this area properly organised!!
The hot ticket in the pic. below is Taz. She came in with one of my loveliest regulars, Ansley (who has previously been featured on myspace). Taz picked up this Siouxie Sioux shirt dress, it was so perfect on her it was SILLY. The dress is decorated by Pooker Designs (Jen Creagh), the newest line in the store. So, there's a thrash night at Molotov Cocktail on Tues. June 26. The dj will be spinning a bunch of stuff he just got from Taz. The day after Ansley/Taz were here, Meaghan Orlinsky visits and starts talking about a dj friend that just came into a batch of LPs. Guess who the donour was.......Ansley picked up a pair of Ndeur shoes........

The wonderful females below are Wendy and her daughter Emily. They've been visiting since I opened, they're the nicest people ever! Emily really knows how to work the pieces she picks up in here.......ladies are off to Germany in a few days (um, jealous). Looking forward to hearing how it all was!!

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