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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Kensington is changing............
Gen and Katy, used to be Gen and Nina, but Nina couldn't make it up from Georgia this year, so Katy got the fun instead........
So Alsop (as in the architect/company that did the crazy OCAD building) is buying up chunks of Kensington real estate with a design overhaul in mind. Images of the proposed changes are up in the Olga Korper Gallery (17 Morrow Ave, west of Lansdowne, north off Dundas West.). I'm going next week. It's exciting but it's really scary. With all the 'artistic' development, commercial rents will go up. Which will make it very difficult/next to impossible for the small independents. Cue Starbucks, H&M, Tim Horton's......inevitable.
Interesting. I have no idea how long I have. If the store gets another couple years in this location, it's almost possible we'll be sufficiently developed to procure the necessary $$ to move to a larger location. That's the goal anyway. Keep some of the market's 'Screw you, we'll do what we like' attitude. It would be great to be able to offer amazing locally produced goods in the midst of the corporations, but how likely is that. Not so likely. They can afford anything.
Maybe Ndeur will save the day? Working alongside Mathieu will produce many amazing things, I know. His work ethic is amazing, and he does everything out of love for his work. I think we share some very important values. It's taken this long to find someone to work alongside, and we have only barely started. Whether there is an ocean between us or not.
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