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Monday, November 13, 2006
Our designers
Ackerman, Heidi

Akitt, Robin

Alers, Laurie (Mechanical Donkey)  [ ]

Alviano, Brook []

Barber, Thea

Beiderman, Barri

Bell, Kate (Doppleganger Clothing)

Belvdere, Alicia

Blastorah, Alice (Fikus)

Boos, Kristiann

Bowles, Amanda (Wist)

Butikofer, Adrienne (Butikofer) []

Cambell, Isabella (ISA) []

Cassandra Morgan and Keira Johnson (Tweek Design) []

Chasowy, Katie

Claridge, Celsea (Vulpine)

Clemente, Melissa

Clifford, Annie

Cole, Rachel (Sweet Shirt)

Creagh, Jen (Pooker Design)

Cummings, Nicole

Danielewski, Barb (Epidemic Clothing) []

Davies, Shannon (Fluid Dezignz)

Decaro, Sheri (IKI)

DiLorenzo, Julia (Unity Clothing) []

Doyle-Yamaguchi, Emily (Playin’ Jane)

Duffy, Linnea []

Essiambre, Cat

Fixeight []

Forster, Andrew

Fraser, Jennifer (Kula Dolls)

Fukushima, Jennifer (Paper People Clothing) []

Gatos, Athina (Duplicate Design)

Georgiou, Sue (By The Horns)

Germanese, (Robyn) Dru

Gibrel, Fahima

Gonzales, Mariel (TA DAA!!)

Grosman, Rina (Mystery Stew)

Hackney, Erin (Erchin Clothing) []

Haitsma, Shaeffer (MUNHK)

Hamel-Smith, Melissa (Kaotic Ekko\'s Curiosities) []

Harris, Betty (Patchy Keen Designs) []

Heyn-Jones, Zoe (Wolf Love)

Horak, Samantha

Horner, Tracy (Doppleganger Clothing)

Jones, Erin (Flaws)

Jordan, Jesi

Kim, Bonnie (Bikay) []

Kozlowski, Anika

Laurier, Gen

Laurin, Vanessa (Blackbird Couture) []

Lederer, Julia

Lee, Caroline

Lee, Michelle (Threaded Glass)

Lindy, Erica (Star)

Lovegrove, Jennifer (Soapscum) []

Lukaweski, Miriam

Mackenzie, Sarah-Jane (Ugly Bunny, Pretty Pony)

Marks, Kat (Vulpine)

McCarthy, Tiffany (Ellipsis) []

McColl, Steph (Jive Turkey)

McCron, Hailey

McGraw, Kathleen (May-Jun) []

McLennan, Emily (Ameara)

McManus, Niamh

McNeill, Melanie

Mezulis, Ieva (She She Couture)

Missiaen, Mathieu (Ndeur Shoes) []

Mogosh, Andrada (Fikus)

Mohajer, Daphne (MUNHK)

Molnar, Stef and Robyn (Heartbeat Clothing) []

Morvay, Melanie

Oxlade, Roz

O’Neill, Jenni

Parry, Esther (EK)

Peng, Cathy []

Petak, Danielle

Polcz, Catherine (Mudlark & Rag)

Price, Holly (Doll In Local)

Rai, Gurleen

Reynolds, Sarah Jane (Ugly Bunny, Pretty Pony)

Rose, Jenna []

Ross, Krissy

Scott, Amie []

Shi, Wendy

Silva, Talia (Inkognito) []

Simon, Michelle

Sotnikow. Tamara (Tee Party)

St. Amant, Shelly

Stickney, Irene

Still, Andrea

Tassone, Tara

Van Moorsel, Lisa (Androgyn)

Walji, Moneeza (Me & Mo)

Ware, Candice (The Candy Shoppe) []

Wells, Alison []

West, Ashley

White, Nikki []

White, Tara (Embody) []

Woods, Jennifer

Young, Robin

Zanetti, Martina (Sizzleteen)

Zimmerman, Rebbeca

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  • At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This past Friday I purchased a pair of earring which I absolutely loved from The Rage. They are made from Arizona Ice Tea cans and cut into the shape of butterflies. I was already forming an obsession with them, when I now realize, two days later, that these earrings have copper backings. They already have inflamed my ear piercing (which I have had for five years) and given them somewhat of an infection. I am unsure as to whom the designer is at this point, but I want to make it clear that by using substandard material to save money, the designer has considerably damaged the integrity of his/her work. It's a let down to see such cheap materials used for such a beautiful pair of earrings which I undoubtedly will never wear again. And furthermore, only a small percentage of people can stand to have copper jammed into their ears as it is widely known it is a huge irritant to skin and very unsanitary. A suggestion: use surgical steel. It is not much more expensive and considering the earrings are made of recycled material regardless, it shouldn't be a problem to pay a tiny bit more for quality pieces.

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