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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Ndeur 'round the world.........
This lovely boy is Andrew Bathory. He came in with his sister, oh, a year ago maybe? He's a theatrical performer, has been playing Buddy Holly in the musical The Buddy Holly Story, traveling around the country for more than a year......caught him on that MTV Canada program where you screw with your friends, but win a vacation if they forgive you.
He's just heading out west for a theatre course, apparently it's very physically demanding (I'm thinking of it as 'extreme theatre' hee hee).

So the store is going to be in Now magazines 'Store of the Week' section next week. Andrew Sardone and Catherine (sorry doll, don't know your last name yet.....) the photographer came in today, they're really nice people. It's fun to do those things 'cause answering questions about the store forces you to 'encapsulate' things. You end up saying things you haven't thought of before (sometimes great) and you forget the things you usually end up saying (thank god).
So, Mathieu is looking after the store's communications, sending out notices to publications re:Ndeur shoes and The Rage. Fashion bloggers all over the planet are pulling the shoe pics off etsy to post them. So far he's found blogs in China, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal that love the shoes. He wants to paint a wall in the store, I can't wait! The butterfly will be painted over, god I love change.
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