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Thursday, July 19, 2007
It's been waaaay tooo long...........

Holy, where have I been?
Things have been quite slow (I think I've mentioned that about 15 times before), but super busy outside of the store!
Shoe sales on etsy continue to come in, we had our first order from Mexico yesterday. Mathieu will be sending 12 pairs to a shop in Rome soon, the store is beautiful,
Before the end of the month, Johnny Foreigner Pop Culture Inc. (the corporation the store runs under) will expand into distributing. I've got a friend who sells in Japan, we're trying to get something going.
RageToronto Vol. 2 is finished; 16 local artists, $3/CD with proceeds going to Sketch (a local not for profit that provides art programs for streetkids). www.
I love this project! The insert was a bit of a challenge. I don't know photoshop and was in a rush, so I did this collage jobby using a sample of last years cover (thanks Sheila!!). Then Camille went over bits of the insert with highlighters, stickers etc. I love it, its kinda low brow but all over DIY. And each one is different.
To launch the disc, we're having another Karaoke Sale! This Saturday and Sunday all afternoon! I can already feel my face hurt from smiling so much, it's the funnest ever. Camille is going to help (a fellow karaoke lover), oh boy!
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