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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Awesome Karaoke Madness!
Ok, so Friday (July 20), Tiff arrived with her acoustic and a posse and we had a show for a couple hours that afternoon. Her stuff is great, so much potential still! Heartaching ballads, great melodies, we look forward to watching Tiff's star rise!! Check her out at All her friends were cool, just like her (thanks for the hackysack session guys, usually I'm doin' it solo).
Then it was the Karaoke Sale on Saturday and Sunday. First off, a million thanks to Camille..........she looked after the system and singers ALL WEEKEND. Either she was joining in, or singing all for herself (and for fun, always!!). And she's only been speaking English for a few months!!

It took a while each day before people stepped up to the mic, but most of the time, once they started, they couldn't stop!! My favourite moment was right here, 9 peeps on 2 mics, singing out Shania Twain's 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman'. Magic. Sales were the best they've been in at least a month..........
The first song of the event was 'American Pie' (I did the honours). It was also the last song (not me that time). How appropriate. Looking forward to next year's karaoke sale already. Unfortunately, Camille won't be around to help :(

I have to share something hilarious that happened this morning. Lloy (the resident in the care home I visit) asked me to read to her this morning. Now, we have a couple titles on the go, but today she wanted me to read from a book that she's been reading with someone else. This short novel is all about a wedding night. So I start to read and it's RIGHT at the start of the sex scene. Yep, testicles and penis and erection and premature ejaculation and semen sticking to things and hips thrusting upwards etc. But you know, I made it through perfectly fine (could say I 'rose to the occasion'). I suspect she may have asked me to read b/c the other person didn't want to? Or maybe she didn't want to hear it from them.......anyway, the chapter was great, there were some truly funny moments. And Lloy and I have definitely reached a new level of comfortability in our relationship.
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