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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Messy entry, lots of news though...............
I love it when life is so packed that each day is a little eternity in itself..........last Saturday (Sept. 15) we had a full dj set up out front. This pic is Erica and Daria (aka Cease and Desist) picking tunes with a mischievious looking DJ Lawrence (Kensington Station Saturdays at Neutral) on deck. Besides these guys we had Jen from No Guff, Amanda (watch for Ladies First hiphop nights) and Pascal of Don't Be Shy fame. The volume was loud and the tunes were hot on a chilly Sept. afternoon; it was a great way to take over south Kensington for an afternoon. While Lawrence was on we had his tasty Vespa lounging in front of the store as well (ahhh, fringe benefits). All the djs were amazing, just lovely to work with. Do check out their nights!!!

This entry is working backwards........
The night before I went to a myspace show with Allie at Mod Club. I wanted to see Dragonette but was happily surprised by the quality of the opening act, a Philadelphia group called 'Liam and Me'. So 80s in terms of performance and keyboard sounds, great great songwriting, one of the most solid dance/disco beat drummers I've seen EVER. These guys were serious players and performers. This is me with the band, minus the singer. They didn't have any recordings for sale, but an LP should be done next year!
The Saturday prior (Sept. 8), we had the very first Rage reading event!! Heather (above) was undeniably the super star of the show, reading the entire first Babysitters Club book, minus a couple chapters. She got a break while two of my very fav. stylegirls, Keirsten and Marie, read for a bit. I might try this again next year, but set up a mic for the readers. Traffic and sales were really slow that day, I was feeling down, then this crew showed up......
On the left is Andrea Rinaldo, owner of Butter, a super cute shop in Collingwood (143 Hurontario St.) that sells Canadian designers as well! She's wearing a zipup top by Tara White, hopefully Andrea will start carrying her work! Her English chappie is a darling, as are the younger ones they have in tow. They're a great support for the store and generate a wave of positivity that you can't help but get lifted up by and carried away with. Thanks guys, you fixed my heart that day.

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