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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Holy Cow, remember duck shirts?
This shirt takes me back to Gr. 5 ('89), I couldn't believe it when she walked in! Never had a duck shirt, never had a Vuarnet either. Didn't care about Chip & Pepper........

It's been super slow, I'll be heading back to my other job mid-October (fingers crossed, the last 2 years. they've taken me back, hope they need me now!!) Looking forward to it actually. When it gets slow due to cold weather in here, you want to do yourself in for the boredom. I like going back to belt making at Suzi Roher; she's been in business for 25 yrs now, high end stuff. I love seeing what she buys for clothing and new materials for her designs on her European buying trips. She's got impeccable taste and great personal style.

The BIA effort is on hold until mid-October. Some people who used to be friends are actually ignoring me now b/c of it. The neighborhood thinks I'm going to run them all out of business. All I want to do (well, to start with) is get places fitted with debit/credit card machines so they don't have to turn customers away, customers who might discouraged from returning b/c they can't pay how they want to..........

Oh yeah, we're running a fun contest right now! We're doing a draw for free tickets to an advance screening of Wes Anderson's latest, 'The Darjeeling Limited' (Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman). After you fill out a ballot, you can take a free packet of lime drink mix. I look forward to figuring out what that has to do with the film...........

Below is a shot of some bags we just got from Mariel Gonzales (Ta Daa!). Where does she find the most fun fabrics in the world?
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