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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I'm standing here trying to construct thoughts that are coherent and fascinating relating to gender identity and it just isn't happening.
Someday I'll learn to shoot a decent photograh, didn't need the flash in the shoe shot, right somebody?

The group below is part of the Manhattan production of Sesame Street 'Live'. The guy in the hat is Super Grover, the girl on the far right is Baby Bird or something, tall guy is a stage manager,........told them about the super trendy hot Queen West West.Hhmmm, maybe I'll run into them tonight..........

I've been trying to focus more on the store vs. neighborhood projects. The Rage really needs special attention. It's like a real relationship; crazy dreamy at the beginning, then as time and reality set in, it becomes a habit. A rosy one yes, but there isn't the same kind of energy anymore. I'm pretty sure it's a rut, definitely time to focus, to reposition slightly. Maybe it's because it's been cold, and traffic has been SLOW this week. There's lots going on, cooking up stuff, it's just happening a little later this year. By a month, that's not soo bad.

Hey everybody, read Shameless magazine. It's an independent young Women's magazine published in Toronto. It's relevant and ambitious and there's tons to get motivated by........

Tonight should be great; meeting Alea then seeing Brian Auger then going to Hump Day Bump. It'll be good, plus I'm going to eat raspberries and bananas next


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