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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
We Love Hardcores
These girls came in and went crazy for the SNAP! Puff Sleeve Baby Doll Top yesterday.....they even got one for a friend! The crazy in the pic below is part of a crew traveling around Ontario/Quebec from Georgia. I was talking about wearing pins as earrings, he was DETEREMINED to get it in there. Wouldn't close though. Yes, things did get a little bloody.

June continues to be strangely slow. Is it the Dundas streetcar construction? Is it the extreme heat following a week of extreme cool? Is it because many of the stores in the market haven't changed in the last 15 years?

As a new retailer, this is tricky b/c
a) we're still new and depend on every $1
b)you don't know how to order. Sales are slow, so you don't want all this extra inventory (which you can't really afford anyway b/c it's slow). But what if things pick up and you don't have enought inventory to keep the store looking healthy? Geez.

Sales online for shoes are off to a good start, 3 in the last week and a half; one from California, one from France, one from Spain. Cool stuff.

I'm chipping away at RageToronto Vol. 2. Got a whole new batch of bands, this year we're doing up 300 copies, $3/CD. Proceeds are going to Sketch, a local not-for-profit that provides art programs to streetkids.

It's interesting; after year 1 we had a designer contact list of about 30 people. I'm currently carrying stuff by 6 designers from that original group (from a current roster of 35 designers). Crazy turnover. That's the inconsistency of working with complete unknowns.

Got a couple themed sales cooking up.....................
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