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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Rage sHarp
hhhmmm, can't recall if I posted this pic already, lovely group, I think the youngest is Andie, I wrote down everyone else's name not sure where that slip of paper got to........
Fun. This was a few weeks ago. They returned for the first pedestrian Sunday and participated in the 1st PS Fashion Show!
Sundays in the store are awesome b/c it's the weekday most conducive to playing oldies over the stereo. The Animals, The Who, The Kinks, The Zombies are all HOT. Style for bands in the 60s is unparalleled, it'll never happen again. Well, The Hives are a hot looking and SOUNDING band.
What a great weekend; Thursday I went to an AD/D party at The Social. DJ Kavinsky for France was the feature (from a label called Headbanger). Mathieu and Camille were so excited, we had a great time dancing and sweating. The people at the party were crazy stylish. Camille said there's a french expression for people who go over the top, 'Haute Tacky'. But of course she says it 'haute tack-ee'. Friday was my friend Jaymie's birthday. Her and her best mates made an amazing dinner, then we went to Slack Alice's for dance party fun. Saturday was my BIA mate Shawn Merritt's party. There were people from the Toronto Public Spaces organisation,, people who work with Shawn in the emergency room at I don't remember which hospital.....amazing group, made many cool new friends and caught up with slightly older ones.
Have been feeling displaced this week, but getting out and feeding off new people energy and joking around and relaxing was just what I needed.
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