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Monday, May 14, 2007
Fun with Graffiti

This is an older pic (well, February) of Gen and Jeremy. Haven't seen their sweet faces since the photo shoot ( Gosh, b4 I know it, Gen will have to leave for camp.......
Last week I went on a graffiti walk on Augusta Ave. There were a couple police officers, people from local community groups/centres, Erin Zimerman (local graffiti artist), I learned a lot! The safety committee I'm on is launching a graffiti project; either cover up existing tagging (the ugly random shit) or paint over it with a proper art piece. Turns out most of the gross stuff around here is done by middle aged dudes, not even kids/teenagers!
I had a great breakfest today with a new friend who owns/runs his own business. It really helped me to put things in perspective! Consequently I've gotten a bunch of work bits taken care of today; finally bought a printer, working on getting a sandwich board sign for out front (people have been telling me to do since I opened, finally getting there..........). Starting running around today, distributing surveys to merchants. I'm coordinating the formation of a Kensington Market Business Improvement Area (BIA). It's an association of business and property owners to help get things done i.e. festivals, better lighting, etc. It gives the neighborhood a voice at city hall, plus, the city will give us $$ to help projects along.
Some say the BIA won't fly b/c there are too many people in this area looking out for their own interests. This neighborhood is notorious for being unable to get organised in a civilised manner to work toward common good. Hopefully showing them that one merchant is willing to put some time/effort into the area is a good start........................
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