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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Hey Ladies...........

Karen stopped by to visit last week! I haven't seen her for months; she had a tour of Southeast
Asia to attend to. Looking better than ever, Karen's ambitions have shifted from fashion to youth development (no surprise there). Her energy is amazing, she's ready to go with anyone anywhere. Our amazing moment together was a Billy Idol concert a couple summers ago..........she's also one of the few people to see me front a rock band (oh Rae Day, at least we had 1 show)

This was fun. Mother in the middle (the blonde on the left is her daugter April, the brunette, I assume, is a friend) was celebrating Mother's Day last Sunday by drinking. It was sweet, she was having a hell of a time. Shopping while intoxicated certainly is precarious..........turns out her daughter April (who owns the April Maloney Salon at 178 Avenue Rd.) cuts hair for a Rage designer, Miss Linnea Duffy. I love how small the city is.

Holy, it's soooo sticky today! Smog scares me. I have friends who live on Queen W. that have developed allergies/respiratory problems over the past couple years. So glad I don't drive.
Did another round of surveys today. I really love talking with the merchants; they have so many ideas and stories and experience. So far some are sceptical about the BIA, others are for it. No one against, yet. I just hope Councillour Vaughan can make it to the first information meeting. His personal endorsement for getting the BIA formed will make all the difference.
Went to visit my friend yesterday, found out she has MAS (Muscular Atrophy Syndrome). A sort of Parkinson's Disease. Goddamn woman is so special she can't even check out like a normal person; she has to die of something rare. She's like my surrogate boyfriend. I've got love in excess, and she's there to use it.
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