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Thursday, May 10, 2007
New Stuff New Stuff
These ladies were shopping for something to wear partying in the Hammer (read 'Hamilton') for Motown Wednesday at Absynthe (sp?). My dear friend Owen djs that party, check it out if you're in the area!!
We have candy lip pins in the store, and the girls were packing a serious bag of hot lips.

So here are shots of some of the newest inventory; just got a delivery from Athina Gatos' Duplicate Design.......

Tamara Sotnikow (Tee Party) just brought in a bunch of Ts (both super long and hip length) with cute appliques, stuff that's great to wear with leggings.....and super cheap, $29/item!

This lovely skirt is by Tara White (Embody). The assymetrical layering is a little sassy...nice to have some more elegant pieces, things were getting ultra casual in here.

More Duplicate Design. Athina's aesthetic is fucking fantastic; girly early 80s-like concepts, nice cottons and fits, unabashed colour. Punk in attitude. Athina only makes a couple of each item, and each item is truly a work of art. I'm very lucky to be able to sell her work for as little as I do. If you like her stuff, pick something up sooner than later. The longer the store is around, the higher Duplicate Design will be priced. The vision is exceptional and fresh and daring in its interpretation of femininity. True talent and love for creation. One of my personal favourites in here.
I hate how these body forms are made with hips that are way smaller across than the shoulders, it's ridiculous!

This skirt is another style by Tara White (Embody). It's called a 'Jishi' skirt, after a Japanese mountain that has 4 peaks. Original......

Finally, a mini skirt from Paper People Clothing Spring '07. Jenn Fukushima also has a great spin on girly; it's 'in your face' and and unrelentingly stylish. Always colourful and well sewn, she's one to watch...........she did this season's line in a sustainable version as well. Check out the full line at

A quick note to designers......sorry I haven't gotten all the links to your sites up yet. By now you should know I will get around to it....

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