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Friday, May 04, 2007
The trio of fantastic women to the left is Andrea (mother), Arielle and Sierra (daughters). Arielle is one of the store's first regular customers; she was also in the 1st anniversary fashion show! Each one is stylish, creative, ambitious and independant. I love keeping up with their activities and ventures!!

The young woman below is Talia Silva (keep wanting to call her Talia Shire, like the actress from 'Rocky' and 'The Godfather'. She just delivered her first batch of silkscreened Ts. There's 3 styles of print, a cool retro pattern, a little monster, and a psychadelic swirly pattern. She managed to find really nice fitting tops to print on. Talia's line is called Inkognito!

Here are the new outfits on the outside mannequins. Just 'cause I think they turned out slightly better than usual..................

I'm not gonna lie guys, it's tough right now. I'm getting utility bills from Feb/March now, plus annual fees from different services, and the sales haven't kicked in yet for the summer season. The store is full, the items are superfun, the traffic isn't happening, yet. Doesn't help that the landlord stops in, curious to know how sales have been (if I'm busy, he assumes I'm actually making money, which I definitely am not). Then he gives you the ' know, if sales don't pick up....'. Yeah, thanks Albert, I'm well aware. I love it when people who've never been in this position pass edict on it.
Truth is guys, the store is at the two year mark, and it barely broke even this year. That includes the fact that I had another job for 10 months over the first year, and 5 months this year. Yes, it's spiritually fulfilling (better be when you get 2 days off every 2 months), but it's hard putting everything you have into something that can't feed you, literally.

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