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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
oh Kim

I almost feel the store would close if Kim didn't come in to blow her hard earned wages at her part time job.....she's a poster child for this place for sure. She's got the effortless cool thing going, clever and quick and looks great in anything she tries on! She just got these custom shoes from Ndeur's Mathieu Missiaen. Like her, they're one of a kind!

So I'm loving learning about being a boss to the new worker girls, Gwen and Yulia. It's tricky teaching people things that are habit to you. Their energy and interest in the store is so needed, we can't grow if we don't have a team! They were models in a recent fall/winter shoot (see for the slideshow) and will walk for The Rage at Alternative Fashion Week in March 2008!

FAT 2008 will be our first real fashion show. I'm planning and scheming, it's already shaping up to be super fresh with tons of never before seen tricks. Then again, that's just what we do here isn't it?

Getting the winter project list into effect. Finally getting that sandwich board sign done; it really should've been one of the first things I did when I opened, but oh well. It's seafoam turquoise : )

I send out the official announcement to the Kensington neighborhood leaders that the effort to form a business association here is on hiatus. The area is split on the issue and there's just too much ridiculous gossip and rumour happening. I think this area needs more new blood to get a BIA going. This area is transitioning, not sure how long the process will take before the next identity is achieved, but it IS happening. And The Rage is helping to bring in the next era of commercial activity.
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