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Friday, October 19, 2007
Working together.......
So cute. Right now a girl is trying on a couple tops for her cranky boyfriend. Poor guy got all mixed up in traffic due to Bathurst construction, market one-way streets AND he hasn't eaten dinner yet..........

I started back at the morning job (belt making) and that's fun. I'm actually getting up alright in the mornings. Having a little trouble adjusting to only having 5 hours to work at store stuff in the afternoon, but things will slow down traffic wise soon.

I went to a Kensington market planning and development meeting on Wednesday night. True to form, many in attendance were ready to pounce. An architect/developer was a guest speaker; he spoke about being involved in helping the area formulate a strategy to deal with future development. But some people acted like he was one of the people that wanted to take down the 'old' Kensington and erect something completely unrecognizable in its place. They were treating him like he was an enemy, raising voices and making accusatory startements when in fact he was giving his time to try to help. This is what it's like trying to get something done in this area. People freak out over the wrong things at the wrong people. It's ridiculous and embarrassing. If kids behaved like that at school they'd be sent to the office.
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