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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Hello Internet!
Hello everyone, this is Gwen and this is my first post. I've been working at The Rage for a month now, and its pretty good here. I usually work on Thursdays. It has been painfully slow here compared to when it was warmer. I get a lot of interesting people in here though. Earlier I was really really thirsty and wondering how I was going to get a drink when out of nowhere the Milk Fairy came and gave me a chocolate milk. The Milk Fairy is a nice man named Tom who brings Sarah milk sometimes. But she wasn't here, so I got her chocolate milk. Shhh, don't tell Sarah. It was Tom's birthday last Friday. Happy birthday Tom The Milk Fairy!
After that a man named Derek came and told me two jokes. I will post them here for you:

Two sausages were sitting in a frying pan.
"Man, is it getting hot in here!" said the one sausage.
"OMG, a talking sausage!" said the other one.

And the other one:
Two cats were swimming across the St. Laurence river. One cat was named Onetwothree, the other Undeuxtrois. Which one made it across?
Onetwothree did, Undeuxtrois cat sank!

Obviously Derek is a pretty funny guy. He promised to come back next week and tell me more, so maybe there will be posting more next week.
Other than that it has been a pretty uneventful day. The new stock looks great, and I am excited to see the new pictures for Alternative Fashion Week. More updates next week!
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