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Friday, November 23, 2007
oh neglected blog
It's been forever, but it's been busy......
I've been back at my morning job for 5 weeks now; making belts for a high end designer!! Suzi Roher has been in business for 25 yrs, wholesales in Canada/US and is infiltrating the European market now. It's amazing that all her production happens in Toronto; so rare these days.
I love going there first thing in the morning, then coming to the's a day filled with tasks/atmosphere I adore and thrive on!

The store has been slow, but that's just November for you. The shoes continue to grow; here's Mathieu with a 15 shoe shipment to Berlin!! It's a terrific process, we're learning something new with each customer. Mathieu was filmed by MuchMusic this week, the tape will appear on MOD in another week or so!! I'm really going to miss him and Camille...........

Camille photographed a fall/winter shoot for the store this week, starring two new Rage staff members, Yulia and Gwen!! These girls are super great, so excited to have them here helping out! The pictures are for internet use and for an application to Alternative Fashion Week (due next week!) I'm excited at the prospect of showing at this event, I hope the organizers are down with the concept!

Other news: NOW magazine picked us as 'Best Indie Designer Retail Store', I'm just starting work on the store website, got a monthly newsletter happening, we've got actual winter stuff here, toques, scarves, mitts! It took me a couple years, but I'm finally getting a real handle on the season changeover from summer to fall/winter.

This is the lovely Una, freshly returned from a holiday in Cuba. She's terribly clever and talented, and afraid of wearing anything that isn't red/black/gray/white (she suspects it's genetic). This visit was about Una working through that fear. Soo glad we found something that she felt good in and OMG it looks stunning. All she has to be afraid of now is how hot she is!!

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