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Sunday, September 05, 2010
It's getting cold outside!

Wow, Toronto! I'm doing a double-take. Less than a week ago, I battled through feels-like 40 temperatures as I moved into a new apartment, sweaty and tired. Now, I find myself huddling under sweaters and pulling all of my jeans out from their hiding place. Oh well. There is an advantage to this drastic weather change - FALL CLOTHES!! We have a few really great jackets to stave off the cold. The first is the reversible Embody jacket. Above is the grey side, which is a little more dressy. The other side is denim, which, as everyone knows, goes with everything. I paired the jacket with lots of colour because I don't think that colour goes away with the weather! The yellow is a great way to keep sunshine in your life!

Embody Coat - 92.50
Kelly Ruth skirt - 36
J. Hoddibody shirt - 49
Alicia Mansillo purse - 45

The second item I'm showing is a departure from the pretty, preppy look of the first outfit. It's by Rejected and I imagine a cool chick wearing it while going to a concert. It's extra long too, so it will keep your butt warm!

Rejected Sweater - $75
Vicki Nerino purse - $75
1 inch pins - 3 for $5
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