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Monday, August 16, 2010
Obsessed with Alicia Mansillo bags!

This morning, when I came to work after a one-week hiatus (I went to Vancouver!), I looked around the store to see what new things we had and I saw stunning new handbags. Now, I must admit, I love shopping and new things. As such, I decided that I wouldn't touch them or look too carefully at them. However, when I looked at the chores I had for the day, one was to photograph them for our Facebook page. Fate, surely! Luckily for me, when I took a deep breath and went to check the price, I realized that these beautiful bags are all under $49! Now, I may sound like I'm exaggerating, but my new green bag with the pink lining knows better!

I really cannot praise Alicia Mansillo's bags enough. They are handmade, but they have a professional finish. They are practical, yet they are also fun. With the hobo style I got, you open the bag and you can see everything inside of it. I'm truly in love.

Alicia's bags are mostly large, and they range in price from $35-$49. Although I have only had my bag for a few hours, I've had enough bags to know that this one will last a while, especially with the reinforcement along stress points and the attention to detail. Also, they have pockets inside for easy-to-lose items like a cell phone or change purse.
I love the lining in Alicia's purses. I think this paisley-ish is my favourite lining, but I love the bright pink that lines my green purse as well. Although the green will translate well with my fall wardrobe, every time I open it I'll be reminded of spring and summer! Anyhow, I think my recommendation for one of Alicia Mansillo's bags is apparent, so stop by and check them out for yourself!

- Madeline

Alicia Mansillo
Styles range from thirty-five to forty-nine dollars
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