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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Vicki Nerino, yo!

"The Rage is good shit. Lol"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

This Sunday, the Rage had the honour of having Vicki Nerino come by and draw caricatures for us. It was actually my day off, but since I live in the market, I walked the four blocks so I could have my caricature done for me. As you can see in the picture above, that day I had tamed my usually lion-like mane into a high, slick ponytail. Naturally, Vicki drew inspiration from that. My caricature depicts me as a horse, eyes askew and a big pile of horse crap behind me. Vicki did warn me beforehand that she'd do something unusual. She sees the world from different eyes than most. Her pieces, which range from paintings to prints to iPod covers and stickers, always garner comments from our customers. We love having her pieces at the Rage and we're really happy that she came out for Pedestrian Sunday!

Pictured above is a sampling of the Vicki Nerino keepsakes we have at the store. I love the "See You Later, Masturgator" sticker, which won't be breaking any banks at only $1. The bookmarks are $3, and the postcards are only $2!

Another attention grabbing Vicki Nerino object are the great iPod/camera cases she makes. They are one-of-a-kind pieces, and you're sure to get a ton of compliments on them. They're available here at the Rage for $35 each.

Vicki Nerino
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