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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Karaoke - You Wish You'd Been There!
So Sarah has a tradition of karaoke weekends, and this weekend was my first! This blog will be in two parts, for the two days, natch.


I realize that karaoke is intimidating to some people, but throughout the day I got to have fun with a number of different karaoke-ers. I also realized that, although I like singing, I do not know half of the songs I think I do and my range is nowhere near what is was like when I was Soprano I in my choir days. However, karaoke is not for people who can sing well, it's for people who have fun singing!

I had a nice time with these girls. They stuck around for quite a while. The girl in the plaid was my partner in crime for quite a few numbers that brought Kensington to its figurative feet (well, not quite, but we sure had fun!).

Next, I sang with a guy from England and his homegrown friend. They were also a ton of fun, and they've told me that there's a good chance of them returning tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed!

This woman was probably one of the most talented singers of the day, and she was so charismatic and unabashed about her performances of "These Boots Were Made for Walking" and "Candle in the Wind". She said she felt like a rock star in jeans because during the week, she's a suit! Definitely doesn't fit the stereotype, lucky for us!
Early on, I called my roommate, Erin, to inform her that she had to come karaoke with me. She came, and insisted that she was just visiting and watching me, but soon, she was karaoke-ing every song she knew! Her friend Matty came as well, and his gravelly voice suited some of the rock songs amazingly. Erin and I also had a blast with a European girl who did some freestyle rapping during the instrumentals on Queen's "We Will Rock You". I was also given the paparazzi treatment by a guy who liked me and Euro-girl's stab at Outkast's "Roses" (I never realized how much rapping there is in that song! Scary....). Anyways, we still have another day left of karaoke weekend, so I hope that some of you Rage-ians will come visit tomorrow between 12 and 6 to let out your inner singer, whether that singer is Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Queen, Miley Cyrus (although I, admittedly biased, hope not), Backstreet Boys, Beatles, or any of the other artists we have in the huge book you can choose from! Yay for karaoke!


As much as I loved Saturday, I think that Sunday is probably the most fun I've had at the Rage on any day, ever! We had more brave souls than the previous day, and with karaoke, the more really is the merrier!

This girl and her friend stayed with us for quite a while. She was singing an Evanescence song in this picture, and her clear soprano really hit the notes beautifully.

This is Mike. He ditched his mom and his little sister for the majority of the day to sing karaoke, and he was like me in that he has no karaoke shame and was willing to sing anything! He had to leave eventually to take his sister to Lady Gaga, an artist so new that you can't even karaoke her yet!

This girl had a great voice and stuck around for a good while. She sang my favourite karaoke song with me - Total Eclipse of the Heart. She also had a sick foot tattoo!

Having kids sing was so so so cute. They sang modern hits like Umbrella and were just. the. cutest. thing. ever.
Here's a group picture, and the great thing is that it was a lot like this all day - a group, and always somebody flipping through the book to find their next song!

I think this picture sums up the day best of all. At 4, our regular, Acacia, showed up with two of her friends. Soon afterwards, three gnarly skateboarders from Vancouver came and joined and it was quite the party with all of us. Pictured above are Sean, Julia, Jesse, Mike and Ryan. The skateboarders were crazy guys. Jesse showed me his stick and poke tattoo that he'd just gotten and called me Babe until I called him out on the fact that he didn't even know my actual name yet! We sang all sorts of songs, even when it started raining. However, I didn't get a chance to say good bye to these energetic guys because I was too involved in searching for the perfect duet song for me and a guy named Luke (we settled on 'Hey Jude'). Skateboarder guys, if you're out there, it was fun!

The whole weekend was so much fun, and all of us at the Rage want to thank all the Rage-ians, old and new, who shared in the fun with us and sang their hearts out!

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  • At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Momma Webb said…

    Sarah you look so beautiful with a shaved head!!! Wow Lady!

    I wanna come sing with you too... maybe "Bean" will come and sing as well.

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