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Saturday, June 26, 2010
G20 Chic

Photo: Globe and Mail

So it's a quiet day in the market amid all of the G2o complications downtown. Naturally, I decided it was time for a G20 themed blog. This outfit is inspired by the fashion-forward protestor who is aware of the chance she might be locked up in jail. The black and white stripes may say jail, but they definitely don't say criminal.

This lady also loves Toronto and felt the need to wear nine different pins that say so! Her necklace, made by Miss Frankenstitch, is very pretty, but it's strong enough that it won't break if pulled by some overzealous comrade (RIP Acacia's fetus necklace).

The high-waisted shorts are good for the humid weather and the heat coming from the rage (no pun intended) of the other protestors. The belt pulls the entire look together so that, while rioting may take a lot out of you, the outfit will be all sorted out. Additionally, the fact that all of it is repurposed vintage made locally means that you won't be labelled a sellout! What more can you ask for?

Black and White top - Lipgloss and Black, $79
Card and Chain repurposed vintage necklace - Miss Frankensitich, $29
Black Shorts - Jane Haselgrove for the Rage, $25
Belt - The Rage, $15
Pins - The Rage, 3 for $5
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