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Sunday, June 20, 2010
The Rage on a budget!

Hey Guys!
Here at the Rage, we are aware of the frustrations of many of our customers who are like myself, a shopaholic who is sadly restricted by the size of my bank account! Today I wanted to show you that you can buy a complete outfit at the Rage without having to push back your rent a couple of days! I did two outfits here, completely composed of Rage items, for $50 and $100 respectively! I hope you love them!

The first item is a SNAP! dress made from old t-shirts. They are super fun, and the best thing about dresses is that they take very little work. You just throw them on and go. I also threw in an EnviroSquirrel necklace to bring the whole casual summery vibe going. And coming to a grand total of $48, you'll look great without feeling guilty!

SNAP! dress - $29
EnviroSquirrel Necklace - $19

This five piece outfit is about being colourful and includes pops of yellow, green and blue. I love it because it's cohesive, but a lot of fun. The Kelly Ruth headband is one of my favourite summer accessories. No two headbands are quite alike and they come in all the colours of the rainbow. Also notable is the Vling necklace, which is not only a robot (awesome, right?), but is also made out of an old record! We've been told by the designer that you can play the couple of seconds of music on the record if you have a record player casually lying around! This entire outfit only comes to $98, which may be a little more than spare change, but it averages out to only $20 an item, which is definitely no rip off!

Kelly Ruth headband - $15
Duplicate earrings - $10
Vling Robot necklace - $19
Mechanical Donkey shirt - $19
Jool skirt - $35

Whether you have a little or a lot, we have something here for you at the Rage! Hope to see you soon!

xox Madeline


EnviroSquirrel -
Mechanical Donkey -
Jool -
Kelly Ruth -
Vling -
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