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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Lipgloss and Black

Today the sister duo behind the label Lipgloss & Black came in to drop off a ton of great new items. Naturally, the blogger in me couldn't resist a quick chat about the label.
Circle Scarf - $39
Batwing cropped shirt - $59
Tulip Skirt - $49

Samantha and Sylvia Wong started their label in 2004. Lipgloss & Black has a punk vibe to it that is original, while still being completely wearable. Most of what we have at the Rage are separates, so it's easy to incorporate a little (or a lot!) of the sisters' aesthetic into your wardrobe. The girls maintain that their clothes are for everyone, young and old, and that their ideal girl self-identifies as "young at heart".
Most of Lipgloss & Black is made from repurposed vintage, although Samantha and Sylvia have recently began to incorporate bamboo in with the mix. They also shy away from creating waste, and use their scraps whenever possible, whether for an accessory or for another design.Lace and Polka Dot Dress - $69
Fringe Necklace - $39

All items Lipgloss and Black

Available at:

The Rage - Toronto, ON
Periwinkle - Toronto, ON
Jipsi - Courtenay, BC

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