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Monday, August 02, 2010
Sale time!
Hey guys! Now that we're in August, Sarah decided to make Rage stuff even more ridiculously affordable than before! Right now, all clothes are 25% off, and there are some things that are marked down even lower!

All SNAP! items, like the dress pictured above, are now only $10. So many of the pieces are great for summer and they are all super unique!

All Embody items are majorly discounted. We have a large amount of the shirt pictured above. It's super cute with the accents around the waist and armbands, and at only 27.50, it's a major steal!

The top here is also Embody and looks great on all sorts of bodies. It's also reversible and is marked down 50% to only $33! The headband and pants were $1 and $5 respectively out of the vintage bin, but after I took this picture for the blog, I decided that I wanted both! There's still a ton of vintage outside though and it is a ton of fun to pick through!

Embody reversible hipster belts are now only $10! Amazing colours to turn an outfit from blah to wow!

In other news, I just wanted to show off the tattoo that our very own Jim got, based off of the Robin Richardson necklace that is shown here. The tattoo was done at Pearl Harbour on Kensington Ave. Jim plans to get a second, matching one on the other arm this week!

Anyhow. Stop by and check out the sales! Much love,

J, M and S
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