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Monday, April 16, 2007
Super Fans

The blonde is Jakki, the one that isn't, is Jen. Got a visit from these guys on Saturday, and got stories of a trip to Chicago to see The Dirty Pretty Things. Ladies tried to make their own birth certificates (didn't quite work), kept getting kicked out of the club. Good thing band member Carl Barat was around to keep sneaking them back in....
and if this tale of diligence isn't proof enough of true love, check out Jen's Libertines tat directly below:

On to other news, here's some stuff I just got in the latest SNAP! Reconstructed Sergery line. This supercute baby doll top is a favourite already......

This first batch of bags (reversible with pockets, made from sheets) is from Zoe Heyn-Jones' 400 Bags Project. Girlfriend is sewing her way toward saving for grad school in September.....

This polo tee dress is another SNAP! offering....

Yep, it's SNAP! again, and it's sheets again. I have a top Zoe made last summer from sheets, it's a fantastic fabric for summer. Super light and airy, throw it in the washer, hang dry. Won't need an iron or anything. Practical, pretty, and the patterns are definitely nostalgic.

These are super pretty belts I just got from Jenna Rose. From top to bottom, the patterns are called 'Downtown', 'Little Treehouse' and 'Little Perched'. Really nice thick cotton, lovely prints.
See my feet in the picture?! hee hee

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