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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
I Love The French
Boy, since I met Camille and Mathieu the Frenchies just keep coming. Luckily they're all amazing. The two above are Manu and Bruno. They're with Cie Karabosse, the company that put on the fire art display at Nathan Phillips Square the past couple weekends. She's a trapeze artist (also theatre, works with installations.....) and Bruno makes costumes (probably a million other creative things as well). Manu bought a few things, including the red zip up thingy she's got on. That one was 'Anarchist Superhero', due to the Epidemic print on the bottom that, well, you just can't see : ( Bruno is one of the most patient people I've encountered; he waited so long for his GF to try stuff on! He picked up a copy of the store compilation Vol. 2, then came back to get another....gave him my copy of Vol. 1, sooo happy they liked the bands on it (oh yeah, gotta start looking for new bands) I'm planning on getting to France next year, it'd be great to get to La Rochelle, the village Cie Karabosse operates out of.

This is Elizabeth and Daniel. We've got this sweet exchange started where they bring me a few images and I make them into buttons in exchange for hot drinks. This time they used passport photos so they can wear buttons of eachother. Yep, fun times.
Finally getting started on a series of quotes pulled from amazing works of lit. by female writers. Getting Barb (of Epidemic fame) to burn screens, then we'll put quotes from Ayn Rand, Margaret Laurence, Virginia Woolf, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Louisa May Alcott onto spring/summer items. Probably should look into copyright, but likely won't. Ok maybe I'll start right now
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