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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
English is so funny sometimes

Hey whoever, it's Sarah. Holy, it's been awhile.....
I probably shouldn't do this, but this is a draft of an ad Camille is working on to post all over Myspace. The colours got all silly when it uploaded, I like it I like it!
I've been bugging Gwen and Yulia to do blog entries, they'll get comfortable with it because I told them they fucking-well have to : ) Yulia is Slavic, Camille is French, I'm enjoying the 'flexible' use of the English language in their entries.
The winter projects have been going well. The mannequins that started out on the tree have been moved inside and live above the store entrance now. We painted over the fitting-room butterfly, changed the counter top fabric, working on an in-store interactive art piece, will change the counter display to follow of course (should've waited to announce this stuff, but I JUST CAN'T!)
I've just finished a draft letter for the next BIA handout. The short hiatus is over, time to get back at it. With the promise of new development in the area looming, it's so important for us to get as organized as possible!!
Oh yeah, if you haven't been to Patty King (Baldwin St. near the Hotbox Cafe) for the $1.25 chick pea doubles, you really truly honestly haven't lived yet.
And the store is going to have items in a feature film that begins shooting in Toronto in February, called 'Ache'.
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