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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Why is today so Good?
Meet Marie and Kiersten. The parade of amazing young women never ceases.......

Today feels slightly euphoric. When these days happen I'm very careful to
a)recognise how special these days truly are
b)attempt to source what helped generate it

Last night was a good friend's birthday, caught up with lots of great people I haven't seen in awhile, didn't drink, therefore didn't feel like garbage when I woke up. Picked up the Peter, Bjorn and John album I've been hearing so much about, 'Writer's Block'. Yeah, it's good. My ghetto is dying and won't play most CDs anymore, but it likes this album. I put it in at 10:30am and it's gonna play until I close..........

Some time ago I was talking to a customer about thought patterns. She'd done a few retreats in Thailand, where you don't talk for 7-10 days. She pointed out that most of our thoughts are concerned with the past or with the future. Understanding the past to a degree and pursuing the future is important, but neither at any given moment is more important than the present. Over the past few years I've become more conscious of putting the present first, and I'm definitely a happier, more productive person because of it. If you can sit still for a moment and recognise how unlikely everything around you really is, it becomes almost ethereal.

For the past few months I've been visiting a resident at a seniors' permanent care home. From what I gather from her past, she was a vibrant, intelligent, independant risktaker. A woman of rare strength and character. She's in her late middle age. Some time ago, she had a stroke. She can barely talk or move. I carry her with me every day, first grateful for the opportunity to know eachother at this stage in both of our lives, second for the challenge in communication, third for being a reminder that life changes direction in a heartbeat. Now is truly all we really ever have.

I think the concept of an afterlife is ridiculous. People have an absurd sense of entitlement. But that's probably just training. And ego, jesus, can't ever forget or disclude that factor, likely the only factor.

But habits can change. Thought patterns can be changed. Just takes a little practice.
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  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    im so thrilled that these pictures are up! we are coming to visit you on wednesday! and as always are looking forward to seeing what new stuff you have in store!

    Love from us!

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