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Thursday, March 29, 2007
From Pop Culture to Local Politcs..........

This is Alea; Rage regular, definitely one of the sweetest personalities I've had the privilege to encounter. A couple days ago she dropped in with a mixed CD for the store. I think it's been played almost 10 times over already......
Lovely indie stuff, the only song I knew was an Aretha Franklin song ('need to have at least 1 classic' Alea says). Finally heard my first tunes by Final Fantasy ('This Lamb Sells Condos', about Toronto uberCondo broker, Brad Lamb) and Devendra Banhart. The rest of the artists I didn't know; Love Is All (sorta Yeah Yeah Yeahs like), Radical Face, Britta Persson.........
Making mixed CDs is a passion of Alea's, after I write this I'm gonna email her to make more for the store. They're a perfect fit.
In store news, I've rearranged stuff, have a bunch of great skirts just in. 2nd hand with great screenprints on them (some anarchist-themed, some combat themed with airplanes, parachuters........). Laurie Alers (Mechanical Donkey) brought in a load of shirts, both long-sleeved and tshirt styles, usually striped, with old school images on one shoulder from old kids shirts (TMNT, Super Mario Bros., Annie.....)
Kensington Market is all hot over Nuit Blanche these days. PS Kensington is considering putting in a proposal, as is the the Kensington Safety Task Force (KSTF) subcommittee, community events. The deadline for proposal entry is April 10, we'll see what happens.
Last night I went to a public meeting at Metro Hall re:putting a homeless shelter (non-permanent beds, working to transition people into permamnent housing) into the old Fez Batik location (129 Peter St. I believe.....). Based on what I heard, it's my opinion that it's not the greatest idea. Sure, the space and service is needed, but perhaps the organisers need to find a better location. The club district does need tempering (apparently the cost of policing for one night for one club in that area costs $30Gs, b/c it's overtime....) but perhaps this is too extreme a proposal. The CCTV cameras are going into that area, perhaps that will have an impact (another debate in itself)..........
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