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Thursday, May 13, 2010
So this is Roben, Sheridan College grad (2008), super guy, super talent. We recently acquired an incredible 4 piece series of Candiana-themed works from him that we're freaking out over. And he's bringing in prints of these works any second now! Check the Rage Q & A below......

The general idea behind the "New Trends in Canadian Wildlife" series originally began after hearing stories of other fictional factual interspecies byproducts such as a cabbit and the liger. A sort of social commentary on evolution and the survival of species.

1.What is the process to produce an image?
The process for this series is similar of that to silkscreening and print making, except no screen is actually used, therefore making each piece an original piece of work. First off, a stencil is cut of the general shape of the animal, and painted in using an acrylic roller. Then this shape is masked off using transparent frisket film, and the background colour is then filled in. While the animal shape is still masked off, a secondary patterned layer from wallpaper flocking is then applied. Last, once the animal shape mask is removed, an embossed relief of the animal line work is painted black and then pressed into the paper using a firm roller. The final result is a four layer sort of offset print using slow dry acrylics.

2. What is the name/story behind each animorph?
a)The caribou/bear hybrid piece is entitled: "Caribear"
b) The bear/deer hybrid piece is entitled: "Bedeer"
c) The bear/moose hybrid piece is entitled: "Bearoose"
d) The goose/deer hybrid piece is entitle: "Goodeer"

3. What other activities/organisations are you busy with these days?
Roben vents and releases his artistic urges from his home studio in Little Italy in Toronto taking on freelance and contracted gigs. When not working for the man, his mind tends to wonder and is not afraid to see where his imagination takes him, experimenting in various mediums such as airbrush, printmaking, sculpture and stencil collecting. His artistic activity can be monitored at various online organizations such as the Behance network (, Cultureshoc (physically located in Queen West/Parkdale area) and Project 165 located in Kensington market.

4. Why art?
Art for me wasn't really a choice, being raised by artists and constantly surrounded in that environment of studios, galleries, and schools, it was really my saviour. The only lifestyle I knew and was comfortable with. Thank God for art! Also, I love it.

5. Where can people see more of your work?
Roben's work can be seen all across Toronto, in boutiques, coffee shops, and galleries.
Here's a list of what comes to mind:
Cinnamon Girls seasonal shows, Jet Fuel coffee shop rotating art show, Project 165 Christmas sale, Magic Pony, and Cultureshoc.
Virtual galleries include:
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