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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Another groovy day in Kensington
Hey everybody, posting for fun here at the Rage today. A very sunny Tuesday afternoon. Popular item? Buttons!

The theme for the customers today seems to be out of towners. We've had people come in from Quebec city (Tabernac!), Russia, Finland, Stratford, Peterborough, and Parry Sound. The final three cities are a result of a mass field trip for photography students all around apparently. Highschoolers from all around arrived in Kensington today taking photographs of the unusal things we had to offer. It was amusing to see people freak out over things that are common place for us Torontonians.

Fashion note: large framed glasses are back in style. Dig that Bubbles look? (Trailer Park Boys)

The Rage recieved a very sincear compliment today from Tabernac, our quest from Quebec. She was quite impressed by the embroidery card we give as a free gift. She said it was very special how we were the only store in Kensington to do that!

Not only was our DIY gift complimented, but frequent customer Aniko said: "Stores like the Rage make Kensington what it is." It's super awesome to hear things like that. Thanks for all the support guys! Tell your friends, and I hope to see you all here again soon.
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