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Thursday, May 07, 2009
Rage Re-opening? Prizes? Good times!
So for those who keep in touch, we are having our re-opening this Saturday May 9th. It's going to be a wild and wacky day, with raffles, artist Vicki Nerino showcasing her newest works, and of course a DIY gift for all of you! Special thanks to Kim Howe from Thank You Red for the gift giveaway.
We'll be open from 10:30pm to 9:00pm.
Not only is there a raffle and a free gift, but we also have a new look! The Rage has had a makeover. Both Sarah and Gwyneth have painted the crap out of the front of the store. I have to say the new logo on the side looks amazing! I painted the steps with my friend Adric (who came from Sudbury to check out the store).

The other day I was chilling out at the store when a very friendly photographer named Jessica sauntered into the store. I soon discovered that she had actually modeled for the Rage before. I felt silly not knowing this, but at the same time the Rage has been open for about 4 years, so there are probably many people I haven't met in this community yet.
Jessica had a camera hanging around her neck so I immediately assumed she was a photographer, but she disagreed. I figured if you owned a camera and took pictures you were a photographer, right? But she didn't want to be associated with the same stigma that comes with being a photographer, and she also confessed that she doesn't do it professionally.
This raises the interesting argument for occupational/artistic labels. My prop-maker friend refuses to be called an artist because of the pretentious attitude that could be associated with the title. He instead prefers to be called a "maker". Though personally I think this title is far more pretentious than "artist".
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