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Saturday, March 08, 2008
All The News You Can Handle
Remember Family Day? When was that, a couple weeks ago I guess........anyhow, Family Day was meet We Are The Fury Day at The Rage. These guys are super friendly, from Toledo, and were passing through town touring with the New York Dolls (with a camera guy)! Unfortunately I couldn't get to the show at the Phoenix.....a friend of mine was there and said they were the better act that night! Here's the myspace link, it's solid rock. I think they sound a little like Hot Hot Heat.

And this is Paul. Somebody posted this pic and blogged about him already, so my bad. But he's so cool, it's worth looking at him one more time : ) One day an original edition of the 1960s pop culture classic 'Valley of The Dolls' found me. After reading it, I couldn't bear to throw it out (though it wasn't good for much else at that point). So we pasted the pages on a wall of a fitting room and hung some markers. Customers have been filling it up a lot faster than the classic book is a foundation for contemporary expression!
And this is our new counter doll display! This year it's club-themed; I love the little guy with the pants falling down. He's asking where the washroom is.........
This is the lovely Rage regular Leandra. Of course I had to take a picture of this shirt. This is the logo for the Michael Clarke Dance Company. It's based in London is the punk company in the ballet world. Leandra went to London specifically to see a performance by the company. Too much!!
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