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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happiness is when regulars who've been with us for years come visit! They support the store and help it grow; it's amazing to share the development of The Rage with them. And I get to follow developments in their lives.... there's nothing like it.

That's Joy on the far left, what a personality. She was at the end of high school when she found us, now she's about to start her final undergrad year at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology. She's got great style; her feminine look is carried by a strong personality and razer sharp wit. Every time she's here she lets out an expression or sentiment in a way I've never heard. Her sister Rebecca is truly lovely, off to BC soon to start law school!

In the middle is Joy's mate Carly. She's at Art School and hilarious as well. When they're here together, it's like t.v.; I can sit back and just watch and laaauuugh. Love the friend teams

And on the right is Jodie. Everytime she comes in she's got her bike seat and workout gear, maybe fresh from yoga or running.....and that's cuz she's got her own growing fitness/nutrition consulting business We had a great time assembling a pride outfit; pink/gray camo maillot swimsuit and silver shoulder bag!! Soon she leaves for BC for grad school.

Wow, Rage community. The amazing people that frequent and support this place are all full of energy and hunger for life. What a fit.

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